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The Whizzers of Oz
This team that started competing in the Kinetics in 1999. The 1999 team was comprised of raft guides from Clear Creek Rafting in Idaho Springs, and their zany friends looking for a venturesome challenge. The 1999 theme was, "Clear Creek Bootie Watch," a take-off on that popular TV show, and those smelly little booties worn on cold rivers and creeks. While the team did not finish as expected, it did finish, unlike many other crafts! Being the last craft off  the course, it earned the award of, "Fantastic Final Finish."

    The 2000 team is comprised of many returning members, along with a few new faces. Our theme this year, "The Wizard of Oz," was chosen for no apparent reason other than we liked it. We are hoping to be off the course this year before the beer stands close! Come by and visit us on race day!
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